Final Fantasy Legend 2 for Game Boy
Final Fantasy Legend 2 came out for Game Boy in 1990, two years after the original Final Fantasy Legend. FFL2 improved much from the first. The storyline is much more detailed along with more supporting characters and more dialogue. The worlds are bigger and more creative. The battle system is more organized too. And there is a new "Memo" feature, which lets you access important details that supporting characters told you. In Japan, FFL2 is known as SaGa 2. Sound familiar? Ever heard of SaGa Frontier for the Sony Playstation? SaGa Frontier is SaGa 7. Here's a list of all the SaGa games to make things more clear:

Scan of North American box

NA box art

Scan of the orignal Japanese box

Japan box art

• SaGa 1 (Game Boy)
• SaGa 2 (Game Boy)
• SaGa 3 (Game Boy)
• Romancing SaGa (SNES) a.k.a. SaGa 4
• Romancing SaGa 2 (SNES) a.k.a. SaGa 5
• Romancing SaGa 3 (SNES) a.k.a. SaGa 6
• SaGa Frontier (Playstation) a.k.a. SaGa 7
• SaGa Frontier 2 (Playstation) a.k.a. SaGa 8
• Unlimited SaGa (Playstation 2) a.k.a. SaGa 9

Note: All but the Romancing SaGa titles were released here in the US.

Final Fantasy Legend 2 Re-release
In 1998, Sunsoft got the license for Final Fantasy Legend 2 and re-released it again for Game Boy. They didn't do anything special to it, besides slapping their logo on the front of the box. All they did was re-distribute it for Squaresoft.

Scan of the Japanese Nintendo DS box

Japan box art

SaGa 2 for Nintendo DS

The SaGa 1 remake for WonderSwan Color was just the beginning for SaGa 1-3 (Final Fantasy Legend 1-3) to be entirely remade! SaGa 2 got a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS under the title "SaGa 2 Hihō Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny." It was released in January 2009. The graphics are beautiful cel-shaded 3D. Battles are no longer random. Rather, like in SaGa 4-8 you see enemies running around and touching them enters a battle. The dual screens allow for a better organized gaming experience. For example, you always see a map of the area you're exploring. And in battle you always see relevant information and a diagram of everyone's position on the battlefield. They added a multiplayer boss arena to battle the game's boss and win rare items. In January 2011 this remake was fully translated to English by fans for fans (which you can download in the Downloads page).

Official artwork of the teacher (from the manual)


(You can choose your main character, but for the sake of this prelude I will refer to it as a male human) The game begins with a male human father escaping out the window. The noise awakens his male human son and all that the male human father tells is that he's going away for a while. Years pass by and the male human wants to search for his father, so he rounds up his male human friends and goes off into the world. The male human learns that he must search for Magi if he wants to find his male human father. Once he leaves his hometown, the adventure begins! The male human and his male human friends end up going through caves, temples, enemy bases, ancient Japanese castles, and much more on his journey. He discovers other worlds like a world of giants, a world where beauty is praised and ugliness is banished, a world run by a shogun, a world where everyone is obsessed with dragon racing, a world that only has one huge cave, and much more!

Battle System

When a member of your party has been defeated they'll only be stunned for the duration of the battle. Once the fight is over, your downed party members will be revived. If your whole party goes down then Odin will give you another chance. Since enemies usually hit your party leader first, you should make sure that your character is equipped with the strongest armor and the best shield. Spells either attack one group of enemies or the whole screen. Weapons and shields can only be used a given amount of times as well as items and spells. Spells a mutant has learned and the weapons/shields/items of a robot can be restored when you sleep at an Inn.

My Opinion

This is my favorite out of the three FF Legend games! It's so fun!! And the music is pretty good, too. It has a slightly corny yet interesting storyline. If you love classic RPGs then this game is for you. The battles are mostly text-based and it has 8-bit, 4 color action. FFL2 is your average RPG. Like in FFL1, FFL2 also lets you choose your battle party at the very beginning. A neat new feature is that some characters join your battle party for a while.

Official artwork of "dad" (from the manual)

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