The Chosen One

Sword Slash - Power: ~
Special: ~
This is you, the hero and main character of Alcahest.  He was the one who has been chosen to defeat Alcahest and save the world.  In order to gain the power to do that, he must find the four guardians.  Each guardian grants him a new attack and the ability to summon them in battle.  Alen is the only character in the game who can equip different types of armor and gain stronger stats.

          The Magician

Magic Bolt - Power: 14
Special: Flame Ring (1 SP)
Fantasy games aren't complete without a wizard.  Garstein, a pupil of a magic academy, stumbles upon Alen during his journey to research legends.  His Magic Bolts are awesome!  They home in on enemies. >:D  His favorite quote is "Don't mess with me - I have a plus sign for a face!"

          The Princess

Energy Shot - Power: 14
Special: Heal (1 SP)
Her Energy Shots are so tiny and insignificant that I didn't notice she was shooting them until later in the game. =P  Her healing ability is useful in boss battles.

          The Knight

Iron Ball - Power: 18
Special: Tornado (2 SP)
This Arthur-ish knight is pretty cool, his iron ball attack extends past you like a long whip.  He seems a bit out of place since Alcahest is more on the lines of science fiction.

          The Cyborg

Reflect Shot - Power: 18
Special: Homing Shot (3 SP)
Magna is the stronger partner in the game.  Siriuis does have the same strength, but Magna's attack is long distance.  Anyway, Magna is a cyborg who shoots lazer balls that bounce off walls.  His special attack temporarily freezes time as he shoots powerful lazer balls at the enemy.  I wonder if he feels less of a man every time he does that.

          The Dragon God

3-Way Spin Attack - Power: 16
Special: Dragon Form (2 SP)
This girl is so cute!!  And awesome!!    She's a Dragon God for crying out loud - now how cool is that?!  Her 3-way Spin Attack is a little weaker than the attacks of Sirius and Magna, but its much more effective since it lashes out in 3 directions.  Best of all, Nevis's special move is to turn into a dragon and shoot fireballs at all who oppose you! >:D  Now don't tell me that ain't cool.

The Guardians

Guardian of Fire
>> Special Attack: Energy Wave - Alen splits into three and executes super fast sword stabs
>> Summon Attack: Flame God Slice - Shoots powerful blasts of energy at the enemy
Guardian of Water
>> Special Attack: Holy War Blade - Alen executes a spin attack which releases magical dust
>> Summon Attack: Protection - Two protective orbs rotate around Alen as they shoot damaging water pellets

Guardian of Wind
>> Special Attack: Wing Fang Strike - Alen leaps into the air and lands on an enemy with his sword pointing downward
>> Summon Attack: Iron Fist - Bombards the enemy with super fast punches

Guardian of Earth
>> Special Attack: Earth Dragon Attack - Alen executes a powerful dash
>> Summon Attack: Barrier - Casts a barrier around Alen granting him temporary invincibility

The Bad Guys

A general of The Emperor.  This guy is the most common minion of Alcahest, so get used to seeing him.
The Emperor
The man behind the evil plot to take over the world!  ...or so we think! >:D
This minion of The Emperor tries to stop you as you advance into the mountain of Stage 2.  He has the power to jump really high and let loose waves of blue fire which home in on you.
Known as The Blaze General, Sara battles you alongside of her brother, Gaza.  She is one nasty girl!!  You're going to battle her several times in the game.  After your first two battles with her, she doesn't remain a girl much longer. >_<
Known as The Gale General, Gaza battles you alongside of his sister, Sara.  He has the ability to morph into an icy whirlwind.
Karouge, the minion of the Holy blade, battles you towards the end of the stage on the floating fortress.
Telling you who this guy is would just spoil everything for you. =P
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