Alcahest is a Super Nintendo Squaresoft action/RPG game that came out in Japan in 1993. The unofficial English translation was released in August of 2002. It came to be thanks to the efforts of Akujin, David Mullen, Frank Hughes and Dark Force. You probably have not heard of those people, but they are all well known members of the game translation scene.

The box, cart & manual

A better pic of the box

Alcahest is your basic sword-slashing action/adventure game - and more! Various characters join up with you and attack when you do. Each character has their own unique attacks and special abilities (which consume SP). You gain a bunch of special attacks and abilities! Throughout the game, you gain up to 4 elemental spirits. Each elemental spirit teaches you a nifty sword technique (which is executed when you hold down the attack button) and the ability to summon them during battle (which consumes MP).

It's because of Alcahest's level gaining that it falls under the action/RPG category. Alcahest gives me the feel of a fantasy epic type of game like Zelda and the feel of an awesome arcade game. It's like Magic Sword but with an overhead view and a storyline. The stages are so well put together and fun to go through. The graphics are awesome. The animation of all the special abilities and summon spirits are awesome. I just can't stress to you enough how awesome Alcahest is. Oh, and its soundtrack is especially awesome. I still listen to several of its stage songs every now and then. If I had to sum up the game in one word, I'd choose "awesome"! ^_^
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