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Terranigma is an action/RPG by Enix for the Super Nintendo, released in 1996 in Europe. Yup, in Europe - not US. Why? Well, because of the parallels to religious tales and heavy religious overtones. It was popular in Europe and Australia since they're more open-minded over there. Terranigma is part 3 of the famous Soul Blazer series. The original Soul Blazer is part 1 and Illusion of Gaia is part 2.


The planet possessed two souls. An external face and an internal face. Lightside and darkside. forty-six billion years since the planet's birth, growth and decline circle to two wills. At the will of Lightside, new life is born. Lightside wills intelligent beings. Rapid progress takes root. Darkside's will breeds fear and disharmony. They came to be called God and Devil.


Arc (the main character) can attack in a couple different ways with his nifty stick. If you run and attack then Arc will dash with a piercing attack. If you jump and attack then Arc will create a whirling slash. If you run, jump and attack then Arc will grind across the ground with a powerful attack. If you tap the attack button repeatedly then Arc will go wild attacking super fast. Those are all of Arc's special attacks. Some do more damage on different enemies than others. The best attack would probably be the "run & attack dash" since that one makes it easier to hit and run, so it gives you two advantages: (1) you can easily dodge an enemy's counterattack, (2) you can easily get to a good position to hit the enemy with another good blow. It just has one drawback, it takes a tiny bit longer to do, so once you execute it you're in danger of getting hit by the enemy.


Terranigma is such an amazing game! The music and graphics are both oh so very beautiful. The storyline is so good and so interesting. What I like best about this game is its originality. An unexplained event turned the whole world into a barren wasteland so you're given the job to revive parts of the world from plants and animals to whole continents. Arc's weapon is the coolest! His animations with it are oh so very cool.


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