I. Beyond the Mountains
Monsters are wreaking havoc in the area around your hometown, Moila. Fortunately, you're ready to begin your quest to become a Gaia Master. You must prove yourself around homeland, defeating a monster plot that stretches from Arrow to Mt. Palo. Only then will you be allowed to pass beyond the western mountains to continue your quest.

1. Leave the Town of Moila
At first you won't have strong armor or weapons. Spend some time battling random monsters in the area just outside Moila. Once you win enough money, you'll be able to better equip yourself before straying far from your hometown.

2. Find the Lete Water
Cross the southern desert to reach Oasis, where you can collect Lete Water on the dock. In the desert, don't shy away from monster battles. you must continue earning experience throughout your quest to succeed against stronger monsters later.

3. Break into Arrow
With the Lete Water, you must break the Gaia Barrier that blocks the entrance to the town of Arrow to the northwest of Oasis. In the town, you must defeat Jabba before you'll be able to explore Arrow. Before you leave, find the Medicine inside the town.

4. Cure Kishe
Go to Remlia and find the sick Gaia spellcaster, Kishe, who will get better and then join your party if you hand over the Medicine. If you renamed the "Friend" at the start of the game, you will see that name instead of "Kishe".

5. Save Zodia
Go to Mt. Palo and defeat the Devil to free an abducted
local named Zodia, who will immediately depart. Then return to Remlia and get the Pass from the Orb guards. It allows you to pass through the West Shrine to cross the mountains.

II. Storming the Tower
The plot thickens once you cross the ocean to a southern continent. There you learn about the mysterious Hata and discover that the Priest of Ramuh has vanished into the Tower of Magan. After you build up your strength, you must battle through the well-protected tower and rescue the priest, Rafael.

1. Use the Shrine
Go to Meruha and upgrade your armor and shielding with a visit to the Armory, which stocks powerful armor and shields. Then go to the Shrine of Hynos that's to the south across the ocean.

2. Stop off in Jalawan
Visit Jalawan, near the Shrine of Hynos, and check out what's in its Weapon Shop stock. Then go to the roof to speak with Hata, who has a unique view on monsters. This won't be the first time you'll meet Hata during your travels.

3. Rove Around Ramuh
Ramuh is a major town where you can prepare for some upcoming fights with visits to the local Inn and shops. Before you leave Ramuh, visit the Shrine of Ramuh to learn more about your next mission: to rescue the priest Rafael from the Tower of Magan.

4. Maul the Minotaur
Spend some time building up your experience and cash reserves near the Tower of Magan, where the random monsters are tougher, then enter the tower and fight your way up to the top floor. There, defeat the Minotaur to free Rafael.

III. Trouble in Tilmun
A mysterious race of monsters called Zord are infiltrating the countryside. You must defeat them to rescue Rafael's daughter, Uranus. After that quest, you must journey to Tilmun, where you'll discover that the Zord are trying to obtain the powerful Fire Staff protected by a priest's family.

1. Recieve the Sol Ring
After rescuing Rafael at the Tower of Magan, head back to the town of Ramuh. Enter the Shrine of Ramuh and collect the Sol Ring as your reward. This mystical ring allows you to speak with animals that you encounter on your travels.

2. Talk to the Animals
Go to Harappa, home of Uranus. If you speak with the animals, you will learn that she has been abducted by the powerful Zord monsters. If you renamed the "Heroine" at the start of the game, you will see that name instead of "Uranus".

3. Invade the Nest
The animals in Harappa will also give you the Black Key, which opens up the Nest of Zord on the northern continent. Go there and battle through to the final Zord who guards Uranus. Once it is defeated, Uranus will leave for Harappa.

4. Go back to Harappa
When you return to Harappa and talk to Uranus, she'll join your party. She is better than El and Kishe at monster recruiting and Gaia spellcasting, but she isn't as skilled at wielding weapons, at least until you build up her strength.

5. Explore Tilmun
Go to Tilmun, where you will learn about problems in the house of the local priest. Go to the Weapon Shop to get the Arce Sword and learn that Zodia, the person you saved at Mt. Palo, has passed through on the way to the Mt. of Sages.

6. Speak to the Sages
Go to the nearby Mt. of Sages. If you have full sets of bones for Dragon, Kirin and Amon, the sages will give Zombie versions of those monsters for you. The final sage will give you the Emblem, left for you by Zodia, who has already departed.

7. Find Triton
Return to Tilmun. The priest and his wife will give you permission to take one of the family dolphins to a nearby island to find their son Triton. Once there, defeat the monster Orthrus, then talk to Triton to receive the Fire Staff.

If you're having trouble getting permission to ride the family dolphins, here's step-by-step directions:
1) You have to collect the emblem at the Mt. of Sages.
2) You go to Tilmun and find out that Triton has left.
3) Go to weapons shop and talk to both staff members behind the counter, one will give you the Arce Sword.
4) Walk along the edge of the town toward the south-west. You'll find Triton's fiancÚ and she will tell you that Triton left to an island.
5) Go back to Triton's Mom and she'll give you permission to ride the dolphin.

8. Return to Tilmun
Return to Tilmun again and talk to the priest's family. To thank you for finding Triton, they will give you permission to use another of the family dolphins. This one will carry you to another nearby island that hides the Zord Castle.

IV. Land of Conspiracy
Your quest to become a Gaia Master will become pretty tough after your encounter more Zords and eventually reach the northeast continent and the city of Atlantis. You'll discover that Rafael has been eliminated and that the Gaia Masters might be behind the deadly act. Soon, you won't know whom to trust anymore.

1. Crack the Castle
You can reach the Zord Castle by dolphin. You'll meet Zodia again, now allied with the Zord. You must defeat his companion, Morgan, before he will reveal secret details about a conspiracy. A bridge to the mainland will then appear outside.

2. Visit the Monster Nest
The bridge leads to part of the southern continent that you couldn't reach before. Go to the Monster Nest and speak with Hata and monsters to learn more about the conspiracy and the role that the city Atlantis plays in your mission.

3. Trade at Shrines
At the Monster Nest, you'll also learn about a "pleasant aroma" coming from the east. This refers to the Monster Shrines to the south and southeast. Visit them and trade any Magnetite you might have found in your travels for useful items.

4. Search for Secrets
Near the northern end of the mountains, search for a hidden Faerie Cave that contains some useful treasures, then find the Cave of Cerberus. There you will encounter the strong monster, Cerberus, that will join your party if you defeat it.

5. Cross the Ocean
Using a Shrine of Hynos to the west, cross to the northwest continent. In the city of Crotona, speak with a family to learn about Hilam in nearby Atlantis. Then visit a duck in the northwestern corner who has swallowed something unusual.

6. Explore Atlantis
The major city of Atlantis is full of weapons and items that you will want to buy. It's also full of conspiracy. Talk to Hilam then the priests and other locals to learn more. Enter the sewers to see the ugly underbelly of Atlantis.

7. Learn of an Abduction
The sewers contain useful items, but be sure to eventually head for the southwest exit, which leads behind Hilam's lab. There you will discover that Hilam has been abducted and taken to Dalo. Your source will give you the Jail Key.

V. The Ultimate Evil
You must release Hilam to get a flying Ark, which will make shorter work for your investigation. After you crush the Zord offense and figure out just where the Gaia Masters stand, you'll need to prepare for the final confrontation with the ultimate evil that is hidden deep within the conspiracy.

1. Rescue Hilam
Go to the town of Dalo, where you must use the Jail Key to release Hilam. He will return to Atlantis but will tell you to meet him there if you want him to build you an Ark. Before you leave Dalo, get the Bard Pass from a monster.

2. Order an Ark
Return to Atlantis and take Hilam up on his offer. He will send you to Crotona to fetch Ark-building Lapis. After you return to Hilam with the Lapis, he will tell you that he needs time to build the Ark and that you should return later.

3. Crush Zord HQ
Battle your party up to higher strength through random monster encounters before heading to Zord HQ, found in a northern circle of stones. After you break in with your Bard Pass, you'll face a fight with Zodia and the powerful Mephist.

4. Explore the Southwest
Pick up your Ark from Hilam and fly to the southwest continent. Enter the Cave of Petal, where any Zombies that you had created at the Mount of Sages will be brought back to life, making the Dragon, Kirin and Amon into much stronger monsters.

5. Visit Sacred Trees
On the southwest continent, enter both Shrines of Sages. In one, defeat Mephist again. In the other, receive the ability to talk to plants, then fly the Ark to the Monster Nest and talk to the tree there to learn about the Light Dew. Now go to Ramuh and get the Light Dew from the tree there.

6. Enter Nova
Fly the Ark above an island in the center of the world. You will suddenly be teleported to Nova, where you'll learn more from Hata and the Goddess of Force. And, if you have Cerberus and Orthrus, they will be fused into super tough Solion.

7. Head for Terra
Fly to a clearing in the mountains on the northwest continent. Visit the Shrine of Monsters there to learn some final secrets. Finally, fly through the Petrolyph--if you're ready to fight the ultimate evil face to face.

<< Secrets >>

Gaining more characters when you beat the game
If you talk to the monsters in the shrines near petroglyph, they will tell you to find Lucifer in the Oasis and Baal at Mt Palo. They will join you after you beat the game. Michael is the hooded man in Nova. Get him after beating the game. They are all level 80-85. Near Cerberus' cave, there are 2 fairy caves with two magnetites inside. At the North West corner of Lucifer's island, there is a hidden cave wit alpha and omega equipment. They are really strong. All characters can equip them. Also after you beat the game, Variel is at the Nest of Zord waiting to join you.

Getting Dragon, Kirin and Amon
To get Dragon, Kirin and Amon, you must first find 3 bones of each character. One Dragon bone is located in the Tower of Magan, another in the Zord Castle, and the final is in the Sewers of Atlantis. One Kirin bone is located in Zord Nest, and the other two are located in Zord Castle. One Amon bone is located in the Cave of Cerubos, and the other two are found in Zord HQ.  Go to Mount Pedal to "unzombie" the bones.

Monster Upgrade
You can upgrade just about every monster. The best way to do that is to use Lich. Yep, 12 HP level one Lich. You will need to catch an Owl and Vepal (There are other ways of making Lich, but I found this to be the easiest) outside (and inside) the Tower of Magan. Then, choose the monster you want to make better and combine it with Lich. If your level is high enough, you'll get a killer monster in return!

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