Made Up Espers


The faceless mother of wind, Mist's source of power comes from every human's will to live. She was one of the first Espers born from the three Goddesses of magic. One Goddess saw herself in Mist; she passed down her love for nature and human life to Mist. However, that Goddesses's love for human life turned into hatred during the War of Magi. Her face filled with disgust every time she looked at Mist, seeing a reflection of her past self. In a fit of rage she banished Mist to a deep, dark corner of the world. This traumatic experience taught Mist how to channel life energy into destructive power.

Spells: W Wind (10%)
Made-up Spells: Razor Wind (5%)
- A blade of wind slashes at the enemy
Ancient Wind (2%)
- Magical wind engulfs the party, casting Cure 3 and Regen
Rayearth (1%)
- Powerful beams of light reign from the heavens causing devastating explosions
Summoning: "Holy Rage" GIF Animation (29 KB)
Summon Description: Teleports the enemy to another dimension where Mist appears and blasts it with a powerful beam of life energy.


Journey is a short-tempered and lonely Esper. He witnessed the death of his friends during the War of Magi. Ever since then, he allowed the pain to consume him. Journey wanders around the world searching for some sort of justification to his existence.

Spells: Fast (10%), Haste (50%), Haste II (10%), Fire (50%),
Fire II (20%), Fire III (15%)
Made-up Spells: Fast II (1%)
- casts "Fast" on every character of the party
Summoning: "Afterburner" GIF Animation (5 KB)
Summon Description: Runs across the battlefield leaving it scorched in a track of fire.


Viros was born from the pain and suffering of Espers who have been victims of man's greed for power. Viros haunts and infects humans who have done wrong-doing to any Esper. With its cloak-like body soaked with lethal disease, Viros can easily cause death to any living thing. Due to the nature of Viros' birth, it has no mind of its own; it is much like wandering ghost.

Spells: Poison (20%), Bio (10%), Death (10%)
Made-up Spells: Bio II (5%)
- An even stronger poison that infects all enemies, only enemies with poison for blood could be immune to this spell
Summoning: "Death Bath" GIF Animation (7.98 KB)
Summon Description: Floods the whole battlefield with lethal poison. Weakens and poisons the enemy.


An Esper born from the sea, Nimo possesses unusual powers of water and life. Essences of Nimo's power are always floating around it in the form of small bubble-like creatures.

Spells: Life (20%), Life II (5%), Life III (5%)
Made-up Spells: Wave (20%)
- A wave of powerful force crashes upon the enemy
Wave II (15%)
- A great wave of powerful force crashes upon the enemy and drowns
them in highly intensified water
God's Touch (1%)
- Greatly increases strength/defense/stamina temporarily and casts Life II and Life III
Summoning: "Rage of the Sea" GIF Animation (34 KB)
Summon Description: Sends forth a giant destructive wave that is twice as powerful as "Wave II".


Desire was once human, but by a twist of fate turned into an Esper. Her fiance was a powerful sorcerer who mastered the art of manipulating magi. On their wedding night, Desire was accused of adultery. In a fit of rage, he turned Desire into an Esper. He felt this was the most fitting punishment for her; she would be a slave to man for all time. However, the sorcerer eventually learned that he was tricked and Desire was in fact never disloyal to him. But it was too late to undo was has been done, for once a human is an Esper they cannot be changed back.

Spells: n/a
Made-up Spells: Charm (10%)
- Temporarily charms an enemy
Charm II (5%)
- Permanently charms an enemy
Lust (2%)
- Charms an enemy and also casts "Haste"
Summoning: "Power of Love" GIF Animation (39.6 KB)
Summon Description: Flies across the battlefield and leaves her power behind to charm the enemy.


Gaze is a mysterious Esper full of emotion. It has the power to look into peoples' souls and shift one's sanity. Gaze was created by the three Goddesses during the War of Magi to be used during interrogation. No one could resist the influence of Gaze.

Spells: Berserk (5%), Confuse (5%)
Made-up Spells: Depression (2%)
- Depresses an enemy making it unable to fight
Disorder (2%)
- Greatly lowers an enemy's intelligence
Summoning: "Eternal Suffering" GIF Animation (41.2 KB)
Summon Description: Appears on the battlefield and sheds a teardrop. The teardrop then explodes into magical flame.


A playful Esper who loves to maintain the health of other Espers and humans. Kink possesses amazing healing powers. Some scholars believe that Kink even has the ability to dive into the river of time and catch someone's soul before it gets absorbed into the lifestream.

Spells: Cure (50%), Cure II (20%), Cure III (5%), Regen (20%)
Made-up Spells: Full Cure (2%)
- Fully restores HP
Summoning: "Kink! Kink!" GIF Animation (9 KB)
Summon Description: Appears and morphs into bright rays of healing light. Fully restores the party and casts Regen.


A dark Esper with the power of evil. Its power comes from becoming one with the night. It loves to weaken humans in many ways and steal their energy from them. Whisper never kills, for it needs life energy to sustain its power.

Spells: Quatr (10%), Drain (5%), Rasp (30%), Osmose (30%)
Made-up Spells: Shade (20%)
- A blanket of evil engulfs the enemy with torturing darkness.
Shade II (10%)
- A strong evil spirit engulfs the enemy with torturing darkness.
Shade III (5%)
- A powerful evil spirit engulfs the enemy with torturing darkness.
Summoning: "Demon Breath" GIF Animation (14.8 KB)
Summon Description: A night sky appears and so does Whisper. Then it scares the enemy, causing an effect of a strong "Quatr" spell.


This Esper has the power to control and alter time. It was one of the first Espers to be created by the three Goddesses. Some scholars say that this Esper is Father Time.

Spells: Haste (20%), Haste II (10%), Stop (20%)
Made-up Spells: Stop II (2%)
- Casts "Stop" on all enemies
Pause (5%)
- Opposite of "Fast"
Reverse (5%)
- Reverses time on an enemy, making it young and easy to defeat.
Summoning: "Resolution" GIF Animation (13 KB)
(yes, I know the clock is numbered wrong)
Summon Description: A clock appears and when it strikes 12 the Time Lord comes and casts his spell.


A strange yet powerful Esper that has evolved some of its abilities by its unexpected interest in theater. It also possesses the abilities of Pearl and it's opposite Plasma. Thespio is the only known Esper to possess Plasma.

Spells: Pearl (10%)
Made-up Spells: Pearl II (2%)
- Two times stronger than "Pearl"
Laughter (10%)
- Forces the enemy to laugh constantly making it unable to fight
Plasma (10%)
- A non-elemental attack, opposite of "Pearl"
Plasma II (2%)
- A non-elemental attack, opposite of "Pearl II"
Summoning: "Screenplay"
Summon Description: Takes off its mask revealing a strange power. Weakens and casts "Laughter" on all enemies.


A tortured Esper, Tremor does not enjoy his existence. Unable to take away his own life, he releases his inner suffering with his ability to control the earth.

Spells: Quake (20%)
Made-up Spells: Earth (30%)
- A boulder lands on top of an enemy
Earth II (20%)
- A large boulder lands on top of an enemy
Earth III (5%)
- A gigantic boulder lands on top of an enemy
Summoning: "Surfacing of Fate"
Summon Description: Several vertical hills shoot from the ground while his scream echoes throughout the battlefield.


A relative to Tritoch, this Esper also possesses the abilities of fire, lightning and ice but is much more powerful.

Spells: Fire III (10%), Bolt III (10%), Ice III (10%)
Made-up Spells: Fire X (1%)
- Most powerful fire spell
Bolt X (1%)
- Most powerful lightning spell
Ice X (1%)
- Most powerful ice spell
Summoning: "Triple Chaos"
Summon Description: Brings forth a lightning storm, a blizzard and an inferno all at the same time with his mighty trident.

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