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Take note that the main dialogue and mantra names are not pixel-ish as shown in these screen shots. The Treasure of the Rudras English translation utilizes a special font that renders itself to a sharper resolution once it is displayed (with a screen render) at any screen size higher than 1x1 (which is the size of these screen shots).

As of 7/4/06, all the following screen shots are old, from the previous version of the Treasure of the Rudras English patch. Gideon Zhi (the main guy behind the patch) added better-looking fonts and made all sorts of dialogue tweaks. I'm still in the process of collecting screen shots from this newer patch. To see how these shots look fully rendered, click here to see a mantra name fully rendered and click here to see some dialogue fully rendered. Doesn't it look much nicer? Gideon Zhi's rom hacking skills are amazing! But since I want to conserve web space/bandwidth and show lots of screen shots all at the same time, I need to display Treasure of the Rudras in its 1x1 form.


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