Title: The Chrono Trigger 'Movie'

Length: 10:36

Description: This is a bundled clip containing the below three clips: the opening, all 8 anime sequences and the ending. Its memory size is much smaller than them combined, with only some loss of quality.

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Flash [ View Flash Movie ] - 26.7 MB

Title: Opening

Length: 02:36

Movie Type: Windows Media Video

Description: They show several neat little fighting scenes, even anime remakes of scenes from the game.

Windows Media Video - 15.1 MB

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Title: All Cut Sequences

Length: 05:25

Description: In this clip I bundled together all 8 anime sequences in order of appearance. I figured this would be more convenient for you instead of distributing each sequence separately.

Windows Media Video - 28.9 MB

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Title: Ending

Length: 02:41

Description: They show mini endings for all of the main characters. The very last scene with Lucca shows you a prelude to Chrono Cross.

Windows Media Video - 12.2 MB

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Shots: Opening

Opening Cont.

Shots: Robo

Shots: Ayla

Shots: Frog

Shots: Magus

Shots: Dactyl

Shots: Epoch

Shots: Lavos

Shots: Ending

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