Nei Sightings

Nei never died when Neifirst was defeated! Yes, it's true. Recent findings prove that Nei is indeed still alive. Hundreds of devoted RPG fans across the nation have sighted her, but there hasn't been any visual proof--until now! Here is a collection of my rare Nei sightings.

This is the first Nei sighting! It's visual proof that Nei is indeed still alive. It only took a giant marshmallow man to bring her out of her hiding place.

Sources inside a movie studio recovered a lost piece of footage from the movie Speed. It appears that Nei was originally the main female lead. For some unknown reason she was replaced by Sandra Bullock. This is proof that Nei is quite the thespian.

This is the uncensored version of the famous photo when Bill Clinton hugs Monica Lewinsky. This is proof that Nei has an interest for politics. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or... is Nei jealous of Monica? Does this mean Nei also had some sort of relationship with Mr. Clinton? Something must have happened since Nei always struts around with that sexy skin-tight purple outfit. I hope she didn't get it stained. What are your intentions, Nei!?

This is proof that Nei has the ability to enter different dimensions. Here she makes an appearance during Crono's journey to defeat Lavos.

It appears that Nei also has the ability to enter the world of video games. Here she is being saved by the priest in Cadash for the TurboGrafx16. Sources say they became good friends afterwards, really really good friends. Oh Nei, you naughty half-ling.

This is proof that the source of the elemental crystals' power in Final Fantasy V is actually Nei. But how did this come to be? What does this mean?!

Sources say that Nei stayed a long time living in Zozo's high rise buildings in the world of Final Fantasy VI. Why are you staying with bad company, Nei? Please don't stray away from your pure goodness!

It appears that Nei has developed a violent rage against popular video games. But why are her first victims the characters from Chrono Trigger? Or is this related to the "Nintendo Vs. Sega" wars in the early and mid 90's? Nei's intentions are shrouded in mystery.

NOOO!!!! Nei has betrayed us! How dare she purposely be part of such an awful game for the rival system. Or is she keeping her friends close but her enemies closer? Perhaps Nei's new goal is to smite the main characters of RPGs with boring storylines and flashy graphics. Only time will tell...

Someone from National Geographic sent me this rare footage from a recent expedition in Alaska. It appears that Nei is causing mischief with the local wildlife. Oh, Nei. What is going on with you?

Jessica from Missouri sent me this rare footage. She told me that Nei came to her doorstep on a cold rainy day looking for shelter. She took Nei in for a couple days. Jessica further explained how Nei seemed disoriented and troubled at first, but after experiencing the warmth of her family and local townsfolk, Nei was quick to become stable and happy. However, Nei's dark side surfaced when she met Jessica's boyfriend, Craven Dick. Nei told Jessica how Craven reminded her of an Antonio Banderas version of Rolf. She wanted Craven all to herself. This footage captures the moment when Nei snapped into a fit of jealous rage during their visit to the local women's gym. Jessica said it happened right when she suggested to Nei that she should listen to Alanis Morissette's latest album. A cat fight ensued. The heavy amount of profanity Nei yelled out made the nearby children cry. Afterwards, Nei ran out never to be seen again.

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