Main Characters


Race: Palman (Agent)
Technique Notes: Rolf starts out only with Foi, but he eventually learns an eclectic collection of techniques. He will have the best overall offensive technique power. At level 35, he will learn the devastating attack Megid, which drains every party member of half their HP, and uses that energy to do deadly damage to your enemies. When Rolf learns Zan, it'll be helpful in getting through dungeons with more powerful creatures, but don't overuse it, or you won't have enough TP to do anything else! Another group of useful techniques he learns is the Tsu family. When you fight Neifirst, use his highest level of Tsu and you should have no problem at all.
Combat Notes: On regular enemies, Rolf should usually engage in hand-to-hand combat, since he doesn't have many supportive techniques. If there's a whole group of enemies that you just don't feel like fighting, use something like Zan or Gra. At bosses, have him use his best offensive techniques to make them easy pickings.
Equipment Notes: Rolf only has a knife in the beginning, and you can get him a second one if you want, or just save up for a sword, which will do much more damage than both of them combined. My advice is to stick with two knives for Shure, and then get him a sword before you take on the Tower of Nido. Without a sword at that point, you're as good as dead.

Race: Numan
Technique Notes: Nei only gets four techniques, total! She is not very strong in technique power, because of this, but you can use her as backup. In the beginning, she will be very useful, because only she possesses knowledge of the Res technique. You can use her two Sak techniques, if you want, but you need her for her attacking strength. Don't use Sak unless it's absolutely necessary.
Combat Notes: Always have Nei attack, unless there is a need for healing, and Amy isn't in the party. She has a surprising amount of physical strength which you need to take down baddies. She gains levels twice as fast as any other party member. When you're in the Tower of Nido, though, and Rudo has a shotgun and Rolf has a sword, you should use Nei for defense, because she will be the weakest at this point.
Equipment Notes: Nei fights best with two weapons. Buy her two steel bars at the start of the game, and upgrade them every time you get to a town that has better quality weapons. If you don't have enough money, go out and hunt bio-monsters. You need to have the proper weapons in order to make defeating enemies easier. Nei is the only one in the game who won't wear a carbonsuit. She is described as "quick and agile, disliking a heavy load". If you need a little cash, you can distribute her items among party members before she fights Neifirst. Remember, even if she kills Neifirst by herself (which can happen), she will die because they share strong mental bonds. Think of them as twins who separated after birth.

Race: Palman (Hunter)
Technique Notes: Rudo can't use techniques, because he's one of those tough-guy-but-no-brain people.
Combat Notes: Since Rudo can't use techniques, he should fight with his gun! At the very beginning, you may want to use Rudo to heal people with medicine, instead of Nei, because Nei does more damage. When Rudo gets more powerful weapons and gets a little higher in levels, you'll want him to attack, and let Amy do the healing.
Equipment Notes: Rudo's shotgun hits one entire group of enemies, but his stronger weapons will only hit one. It's your choice as to which one you use. As always, upgrade your equipment whenever you come across a town that has more powerful and durable items. When you go pay a visit on the scoundrels in Shure, Rudo will probably be the weakest one in your party. When you come out again, though, go to Arima and buy him a shotgun, which can do up to 20 points of damage to an entire group of enemies! Hooray! Remember, though, when you find the cannon in the Roron dump, give it to him. It will always do more damage.

Race: Palman (Medic)
Technique Notes: Amy is a doctor, and therefore has a plentiful supply of healing techniques. Although she isn't as proficient as Raja of PS4, you should include her in your party when you go on long, wearisome journeys. Have her cast Sashu in big battles to give your party better defensive skills. If you're desperate, and Amy just doesn't have the time nor the TP to pull off a few Sars, have her use Nasak. That's only if you're desperate! Remember, you need to have her around, or you'll be wasting much money on medicine.
Combat Notes: Use Amy as backup, primarily. She doesn't fight very well with anything, but if push comes to shove, you can have her attack with one of those acid shots or better yet, a silent shot. With a silent shot, she can paralyze any enemy, and make combat much simpler for you (this is a highly effective thing to do in the Biosystems Lab).
Equipment Notes: If you prefer a more powerful Amy in your group, get her two fire staffs, which have the same effect as Foi when used. With those, Amy will be pretty strong, almost as strong as Nei.

Race: Palman (Biologist)
Technique Notes: Hugh's a biologist, and when you first meet him, you'll want to include him in your group. In the first half of the game, he will be very helpful, using such techniques as Vol and Sagen to kill off any organic creatures you encounter. After the fight with Neifirst, however, most of your enemies will be mechanical, and at that point, he won't be of much use. You'll want to trade him in for Kain. But, before that, include him when you go to Roron or any other dungeon, so he can wipe the screen clean.
Combat Notes: In combat, Hugh should help your party with supportive offense techniques, like Gen. He shouldn't fight hand-to-hand at all unless he doesn't have much TP left. Even at that point, have him heal other people, regardless of whether Amy is with you or not.
Equipment Notes: Hugh isn't a very strong fighter, much like Amy. You should give him two acid shots if you want him to fight at all. I don't think he can use fire staffs or silent shots, so rely on him mainly for technique power. Do buy him a laser knife when you reach Zema. It will give him some attacking strength at least. He should also carry a mirror shield, a highly effective defensive barrier.

Race: Palman (Guardian)
Technique Notes: Anna is more of a physical fighter. She doesn't get many good techniques, so I would only use them as backup (she's comparable to Alys of Phantasy Star 4).
Combat Notes: Anna should attack regularly in combat. If she dips too low in HP, have someone else heal her. If there is no one around to use a Res technique on her, take one round out to use a Dimate on herself. She is a powerful fighter, so get her back into the battle as soon as possible. She should be the next person you use Rever on, after Rolf, if such a need occurs.
Equipment Notes: She only has a boomerang when you first meet her, but buy her two slashers as soon as possible. From then on, always use twin blades. She will do a great deal more damage this way, and make the game much easier. Make sure she's in your party when you go to Dezo; she can wipe out those big nasties with great ease!

Race: Palman (Mechanic/Wrecker)
Technique Notes: Kain has good anti-robotics techniques. At first, he won't be of any use to you, because you won't fight robots until after the encounter with Neifirst. However, get him up a few levels, so that when the time comes, he will be ready to fight for your party. Kain is the single most powerful combatant when it comes to dealing with enemy machines.
Combat Notes: Kain can fight moderately well. He can use most of the weapons that Rudo can use, but I would have him attack with his techniques. If he gets low in TP, have him fight with his gun. Have someone else heal him if he's hurt. If there isn't anyone in particular who can do that at the time, have him use a Dimate on himself quickly.
Equipment Notes: There isn't anything in particular to be noted about Kain's equipment.

Race: Palman (Thief)
Technique Notes: Shir is probably the weakest in technique strength (besides Rudo ^_^), so don't use her techniques that much. In fact, she's probably the weakest of all the characters. Read below to see the only good tricks for her.
Combat Notes: Shir isn't a very strong fighter in any category, and I strongly urge you not to include her in any parties, unless you want her to steal something. The only good she does is that she steals items from stores occasionally, but as soon as she does, she'll be missing from your party. You'll have to go back to Paseo and find her in your home, with a stolen item. Although this can get tedious, she can steal a lot of useful items for you, and get you some extra cash. At around level 10, have her go into the luggage room of Central Tower in Paseo. Take her in and out until she steals a Visiphone, which allows you to save your game from anywhere.
Equipment Notes: If you give two laser knives to Shir, she can fight moderately well, at the level of Amy if she has two fire staffs.

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