Chocobo Pregnancy Test ... $9.99

Hey ladies, now you can test your pregnancy with everyone's favorite Final Fantasy 5 chocobo! Yes, its true! If the test result is positive, you'll see a picture of a baby chocobo and a MIDI of chocobo's theme will begin to play. Wow! And this test is available at such an unbelievable price! It's sold for 10 times more in Japan. Grab 'em now while supplies last!

Gilgamesh Pregnancy Test ... $0.25

This pregnancy test is very VERY rare! It's out of production because officials have declared it to be a safety hazard (bastards!) so I'm selling the last couple boxes in secret. You better hurry and buy yours before they run out! If the test's result is positive, a photo of Gilgemesh is displayed, in it he's nude and tap-dancing on someone's front lawn. Wow!