• Final Fantasy VII: Last Order

    Final Fantasy VII: Last Order The events prior to Final Fantasy VII; starring Zack, Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth

  • Record of the Lodoss War

    Record of the Lodoss War In a world ruled by sword and sorcery, a band of heroes struggle to save Lodoss from evil

  • Tales of Phantaisa

    Tales of Phantasia Based on the popular game, heroes of time challenge a sorcerer who has brought chaos to every era

  • Wicked City

    Wicked City The “Black Guard” fight a race of poweful mutants for world peace

  • Cyber City Oedo 808

    Cyber City Oedo 808 Three convicts are recruited by the police to fight crime in a cyber punk future

  • Ys Book 1 and 2, and Ys II

    Ys Anime SeriesBased on the Ys game series, Adol struggles to save Esteria and Ys from all evil

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About This Site

So you've stumbled across yet another anime streaming site. What's so special about this one? Ah, what indeed.

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This website offers the following:

  • HTML5 logoI use HTML5 video (mp4/ogv/webm). That means these videos will play on ANYTHING; any browser and any smartphone or tablet!
  • I offer both dubbed & subtitled versions for everything! (With the exception of a few Japan only releases.)
  • As for video quality, I offer high quality (equivalent to 480p) and low quality (equivalent to 360p) versions.
  • The layout of this site is responsive so if you're on a tablet or smartphone it will rearrange itself as if I offer a mobile version of the site.
  • Streaming is not the only thing I offer. Each anime has a screen shot gallery. Some anime have downloadable soundtracks and behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Videos can be directly downloaded! No other anime streaming site allows you to that!
  • HTML5 logoThere are NO ADS! Every other anime streaming site is flooded with ads. Not here :) I am providing a free service out of the genuine interest of sharing with you the anime I love.

Sci-Fi Channel Saturday Anime logoAs for the selection of the anime I have chosen for this site, it is primarily classics from the late 80s and early 90s. In a sense, this site is dedicated to a segment that once played on the Sci-fi channel called Saturday Anime. Every Saturday they would play an anime movie. It had these demos when it went to commercial breaks. Most of these movies are favorites of mine from Saturday Anime. They're special to me because they're some of the first anime movies I've ever seen.

A couple of these movies are specials that were never released in NA (i.e. Wizardry, Ninja Gaiden). Others are newer but were included because they're based on an RPG that has been shrined in my FantasyAnime.com (i.e. Final Fantasy VII: Last Order, Chrono Trigger OVA).

And if you didn't notice, this site is a subsite of FantasyAnime.com (hence the FantasyAnime navigation in the footer). I consder this the official anime section.

Most Popular

This anime attracts the most visitors. They have developed a popular reputation since their official NA release in the 80s/90s (except FF7; it's not old).

  1. Wicked City
  2. Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
  3. Sailor Moon R
  4. Sailor Moon Super S
  5. Sailor Moon S

Most Engaging

This anime is being watched the longest. They are the site's most interesting anime since people are sticking around to watch the whole thing.

  1. Tales of Phantasia
  2. Shamanic Princess
  3. Record of the Lodoss War
  4. Ys Anime
  5. Dragon Half

Most Downloaded

The anime people want to keep forever. They may not be the most popular or most engaging, but the people who do like it really like it.

  1. Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
  2. Wicked City
  3. Sailor Moon R
  4. Lily C.A.T.
  5. Ninja Gaiden



It looks like my episode 2 of Cyber City Oedo 808 had director's commentry subtitles. I've corrected it. Please please please if you find any errors in this site let me know!


Another big update! I've added Project A-ko 2, Project A-ko 3, and Project A-ko 4 - which completes my collection of all 5 Project A-ko movies!! I've completed the initial trilogy of Gall Force movies by adding Gall Force 2: Destruction and Gall Force 3: Stardust War. Included with each Gall Force movie is a full download of every Gall Force soundtrack. I've also added 2 anime series: Cyber City Oedo 808 (with its soundtrack) and the Fire Emblem OVA. This is the last update for the Anime Video Archive for a long while. It'll probably be another year until I add new anime. How come? Well, I've uploaded nearly 200 GB worth of anime for this site! And there's a total of 636 movie clips here! There's so many because for every movie & episode on this site I had to convert it to 3 different formats for fully compatible HTML5 video.


Another big update! To begin with, I've been exploring anime communities and I found that several of the anime movies in this site are less quality than what anime communities offer. I wish I knew how that's possible because I'm ripping my anime directly from the DVDs! Anyway, so the following anime has been re-converted using the better quality versions: Demon City Shinjuku, Legend of Crystania, Project A-Ko, Vampire Hunter D (subtitled version only), and Wicked City. Besides those movies, you should know that the rest of my movies are better quality than what anime communities currently distribute :) Especially my rips of the Sailor Moon movies. Also, I noticed that anime communities like to rip fullscreen anime in 704x480 instead of 640x480. That's a fantastic idea! In 704x480 it stretches the screen wide enough so that it doesn't look awkward on wide screens and anime characters don't look like squished midgets. With this idea in mind, I took the time (and this took me forever) to re-rip ALL my other movies in 704x480. As for my anime series, I only re-ripped Casshan. I'll try to do the rest later.


Big fantasy series update!! I've added Tales of Phantasia (4 episodes), Record of the Lodoss War (13 episodes), RG Veda (2 long episodes), Ys Book & Ys II (11 episodes), Dragon Half (2 episodes), and Miyuki-chan in wonderland (2 episodes). As a site called 'FantasyAnime', I sure as heck now have a lot of fantasy anime! Again, please let me know if you find any mistakes or broken links in the site.


I tried different DVD ripping software and I was able to grab the subtitles from Tank Police! So the Tank Police section is updated with high quality & low quality subtitle vids. I added to the homepage this Updates feed and lists of the top anime! Interesting stuff, huh? Also, I found a big mistake. Ever since the launch of this site all the Legend of Crystania download links were linking to Gall Force. It's fixed now. Please please please if you find any mistakes let me know!!


Venus Wars (Subtitled) had incomplete subtitles. Sorry about that! I've corrected it and uploaded a fresh new version with correct subtitles.


I've added the following anime: Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars, Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose, Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice, Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole, Shamanic Princess (all 6 episodes) +soundtrack, Tank Police (all 4 episodes), Venus Wars +soundtrack, and Wrath of the Ninja. All this new anime includes both the dubbed and subtitled versions. All except for Tank Police; for some reason my DVD ripping software wasn't grabbing the English subtitles, so this update only includes the dubbed version of the series. As a new little feature, for each and every anime I have typed up a personal review to give my refreshing perspective. Lastly, I've added the soundtrack for Vampire Hunter D.


I've removed Ninja Scroll. Sorry! It was way too popular and killing my server :(


The Anime Video Archive is live!! At launch it has 14 movies.

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